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There’s a shift taking place in Mining. 

It’s the optimal time to consider safety done differently.

Our primary focus is on building upon past success and utilising simple safety principles to foster an environment where;

1) People on the front line feel safe to speak up and share what’s really happening in safety.
2) People are viewed as the solution and not the problem.
3) Incidents are seen as an opportunity for organisational learning as opposed to allocating blame.

We provide the mining industry with safety veterans for on-site consultations, support the industry with resources and safety-centric events, and provide mentorship for safety operation improvements.

Safety Veterans

We create and foster strategic partnerships with safety veterans. 

We are proud of our established relationships with highly-experienced professionals who have proven track records in delivering strategy + action. Our safety veterans have long-standing reputations in prioritising safety at all levels and share the belief that: ‘the future of safety is in everyone’s hands’.

Our veterans are adept at demystifying safety practices and providing strategic direction and their focus on effective actions, engagement and coaching are the keystones to our operations. 

Safety Veterans

On-site safety consultation

We offer on-site services that utilise evidence-based strategies to improve operational safety. Some of our strategies used include:

  • Critical Controls Management
  • Risk Management
  • Redesign of Safety and Health Management Systems
  • Safety Audits done differently
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Incident Investigation

Our team of safety veterans also provide one-on-one mentoring and group coaching.

Safety Mentorship & Upskilling

We believe in a holistic approach that covers all aspects of a new way of safety thinking. 

This includes providing insightful content, engaging events and opportunities to work alongside or receive mentoring from safety professionals. Either from an organisational perspective or at an individual level, we provide the resources and network to support, educate and connect with our community.

Mines safety professional performing inspection
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